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“Can Internet Marketing Really Help My Lifestyle?”

“Can Internet Marketing Really Help Me?”

How is it possible to create the Internet Marketing lifestyle with ‘Any’ business?  First and foremost, what is the Internet Marketing lifestyle?  Well, I suppose it depends who you ask.  If you ask me such online marketing lifestyle is the ability to leverage the power of the Internet’s networking power to elevate your sales and leads in whatever business you are part of.

Do You Personally Know Anyone Who Lives Like This?….

Sitting along the beach with your lap top and a tropical drink, working where you want, when you want, with whom you want, and how much you want.  This is probably the most widely accepted concept of the Internet Marketing lifestyle.  Of course, you can have the same scenario by increasing your conventional business profits with a search engine optimization campaign and hiring yourself a CEO or a top shelf manager so you can take dream vacations too.

“What About Internet Scams While Creating Your Dream!?”

Just this last week I had a conversation with a fellow in a lunch room at a blue collar industry where big bags of salt are packaged for retail sale.  You know, the kind of salt that prevents people from slipping and falling down on ice.  I was there on business and this fellow told me about this truly devastating Internet marketing scam that victimized a friend of his.

Offering search engine optimization services to others and not getting paid!  Yes, this poor sole lost apparently $40,000 after not getting paid for putting someone else’s web site to the top of Google.  Sounds kind of strange to me, how did it get to be so high of an amount?

Truth of the matter is that the client or the vendor of the service can be at risk if the proper precautions are not taken.

Don’t sign contracts that you can’t get out without a penalty.  Pay as you go is the best way to go, that is for you potential clients out there.

For vendors, use tracking phone numbers on the web sites that you promote.  And you may even go as far as to lease web sites to your clients.  This is an article in and of itself, we won’t get into the detail here today on leasing intellectual property.

Just with a tracking phone number for your SEO campaign, or Mobile maps, or Social Media Marketing;  You will be able to give your client a real measurable indication of his or her return on investment from advertising dollars spent.

Another very important element is getting paid on time all the time with automatic payments like the paypal subscriptions.  Get paid up front for set up fees and how can a vendor loose?

As for the client, get it in writing any guarantee, is there a money back guarantee?  If so what are the details?  Can you cancel anytime?  Do you own the articles and videos created? Do you have pass codes to all the sites and services used for your site.

The Internet marketing lifestyle takes team work.  The most important element is chemistry between two partners or joint venture partners which can be a basic client vendor relationship.  There needs to be a certain level of trust or one of you will be reselling the other every single month and it will not be good.   Nevertheless, the right match with the right client or company can be your game changing experience.

Written by Darren Chabluk for http://SayDotCom.com/services.php
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